Wipe Me Down (8oz. Hand-Sanitizer)

Wipe Me Down (8oz. Hand-Sanitizer)

When good old soap and water is not an option, our Wipe Me Down hand sanitizer makes a perfect substitute. Our hand sanitizer is made fresh from pure aloe leaves blended with witch hazel to naturally cleanse hands without being harsh, and grain alcohol which kills microorganisms and reduces bacterial counts on hands.


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    Ingredients: Everclear alcohol, aloe vera, witch hazel and your choice of essential oil(s)


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  • Directions

    Apply the sanitizer to the palm of one hand. Thoroughly rub your hands together. Make sure you cover the entire surface of your hands and all your fingers. Continue rubbing for 30 to 60 seconds or until your hands are dry. It can take at least 60 seconds, and sometimes longer, for hand sanitizer to kill most germs.

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