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What is Sistah Scents?

* Sistah Scents Fragrance Bar is all about bringing people together to create memorable experiences *

Sistah Scents provides a hands-on aromatic experience for guests to create custom scents for their home and body products. We provide the base for a variety of products: Soy wax candles, body butters, exfoliants and hand sanitizers. Guests get to select their products, choose their scent(s) and create a custom scented product for their home or body. 


Our products are non-toxic and nature-friendly. We do not use harsh chemicals or parabens, microbeads and other questionable ingredients. There are no added preservatives or water, which gives them a longer shelf life. We use 100% soy wax (for our candle bases); all natural, high quality ingredients for our body exfoliants, hand sanitizers, balms and more.

Customization is what makes us unique, and we love providing guests with the opportunity to create and name your very own fragrance blend for your very own signature scent. Our guests are also welcome to bring snacks & wine to enjoy while scenting.

If you can't make it to the Sistah Scents fragrance bar, you can order on-line and YES, you still get to create a customized scent.


What is A Scented Experience?

~Smell ~ Blend ~ Package ~ Indulge ~

Step 1: Grab a seat at the bar

Step 2: Write down the scents that you love on your scentsation sheet

Step 3: A member of our staff will get your fragrance oils to you

Step 4: Mix & match until you achieve your desired scent

Step 5: Pour your custom fragrance into your product & mix it altogether


Step 6: Name & label your product


Step 7: Viola! Your scented experience is complete!


Feel free to Enjoy your snacks and drinks while you scent.


(Did we mention that we are BYOB friendly ;-)

Party with Sistah Scents!

A scented experience is a great activity for groups, couples or individuals. It's a great way to honor and celebrate your relationships. You can show gratitude and appreciation to those that you love as well as those that you work with. You and your guests will receive step-by-step guidance through your scented experience. We bring the vibe, you bring the energy!

Click here to see our party packages!

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